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Bounds Flooring Wood After #2

Out With The Old Carpet & In With The New Hardwood Floors

When many people consider getting new flooring installed, they’re most interested in how much more comfortable and good-looking their home is going to be. And they’re right too! Replacing flooring can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. It’s a straightforward way to modernize and make a space feel fresh[…]

Recycled Carpet - Bounds Flooring

An Update on How Much Carpet Bounds Flooring & Its Customers have Recycled in 2021

We had an amazing year last year and finished off the year with over 245,000 pounds of recycled carpet! November 9th, 2021 We have recycled another 25820 pounds of carpet. That brings our total to 245,160 pounds of carpet recycled this year! October 5th, 2021 We have recycled another 25820 pounds of carpet. That brings[…]

Thank you letter from My Sister's Closet

Nice Note From My Sister’s Closet

So happy that we are blessed give back to the community! Comments from Maryanne @ My Sister’s ClosetWe finished moving into our new space last weekend, and the carpet adds so much to the room. Thank you again for your generous donation.Again, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us.Maryanne